What I WISH I knew Before Attending Liberty University

What I WISH I knew Before Attending Liberty University
What I WISH I knew Before Attending Liberty University
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What I WISH I knew Before Attending Liberty University
What I WISH I knew Before Attending Liberty University

What I WISH I knew Before Attending Liberty University

Hey guys, welcome to my Blog if you are new and if not welcome back. So today I’m going to be doing another Liberty University Topic because there are so many things that I wish I knew as a freshman coming into liberty that I was so unaware of. And I like didn’t have guidance on I just want to help you guys out and give you guys some tips. Therefore, we will be talking about this subject.

15 things I wish I knew about Liberty University

Liberty University
Liberty University

And these are both positive and negative things. And these things aren’t things that would have changed my decision and would have made me like go somewhere else. It just things like almost tips I want to tell freshmen and just to be aware of and to not like had this expectation because it might not need it or it might exceed it, you know, so we’re just gonna start

1. Liberty University is a lot smaller than you think the number of like people enrolled and like undergrad and like whatever it is 16,000 I don’t even know but it’s up there. And it seems like wow, the largest Christian university like this is big, I’m gonna be lost. I can’t even stress to you how small it is. I like the campus is pretty big too. Just always bumping into people. Like you’re just going about your daily life and you’ll bump into your friends and you didn’t even play at it.
2. The rot is a lot less bougie than they make it seem when you come for CIFAR or school like you taste the difference when sea life comes around. Like they give you more obviously like they’re I understand it completely like they’re trying to sell the school more Okay,

3. This is something I did not expect at all but bumming is not normal at Liberty University and loving to me is like a sweat pants sweatshirt. For I’m talking about girl style every day is a fashion show. I absolutely love it because like when I see people dressing nice and like you know what I like do not bomb unless I’m like going to the gym, which I guess like athletic wear like or if it’s the weekend, but this has nothing to do with the dress code at all. Like it’s not like oh, people are like oh, we can’t wear certain things like people just dress so nice.

4. your halls are like sororities and fraternities.

5. Liberty University is I kind of expected like and this is also an expectation if you guys have kind of just crushed it in your mind by spring is such a big thing of liberty or just like you know, dating for marriage obviously is how it should be kind of like on steroids a little bit like a dating culture there I’ve been kind of disappointed with yet again. It could be because I just haven’t had good luck. I feel like I’ve asked a few of my girlfriends this like, why don’t guys just ask the girl on a date just to get to know

6. politics are a lot more relevant than you think at Liberty University in my freshman year there was like political combo after political combo and I was like I’m gonna be straight up and honest with you guys.

7. finding a church you love is not as easy as a seat

8. leadership is such a great opportunity and it’s a lot more relevant in the dorms than you think it is. So when I came and I was putting a community group I was like whoa like How awesome is that be spiritually it is what you make of it. If you’re like wanting to grow in your faith, I think leadership is literally like gives you everything like in your dorm or not it’s not likely that you will make friends in class but I’ve talked to many friends like friends that don’t even go to Liberty to and everyone can agree that it is so hard to make friends in class and like friends that you’ll like actually keep up with because you could just be like oh yeah like I met this person like you talked to that person like you know the face but like it’s hard for you to be like oh yeah we text every like we’re friends like we hang out all the time because it’s just like I have not had that like happened to me where I’ve like really like made a friend in class it’s whether I know someone in my class already who

I’m friends with for

10. you’ll never use the cool screen and the robots they show you the library on their tour. Hey, What is nose down in Lynchburg? They do not know how to act and be someone from the North. I guess for me I’m like wow like get over it guys. It’s like a dusting but they treat a dusting like shutting down everything like shutting down the rot really is every time a person and most people do not fit to the Christian College stereotypes that you like hear about and you would think don’t get me wrong. There are people who do but the majority aren’t

13. campus community on Wednesday night is the most amazing thing ever eighth, if you’re trying to strengthen your faith and your years of college that is literally the most amazing opportunity and I love campus community so much feels like church or a big youth group. There’s worship and the worship is just very very different than combo it does not compare

14 There’s so much to do in the Lynchburg area. Now you would think it’s in central Virginia and you’re like what is there to do there? There are so many different hiking trails like the downtown $3 movie theater,

15. I don’t know if there’s a lot more than you’d expect in like the surrounding areas to not Lynchburg itself but like the surrounding areas in the Forget it’s not super far away you may think that there are a lot of rules at Liberty and it might restrict your like fun but literally it does not restrict your fun at all. If anything, the rules are there for a reason and they’re not a big deal they’re very easy to follow. I like don’t really mind having guidelines for me to follow it definitely does not limit your fun at all. It’s still so much fun like the rules are something that like people look and be like, I don’t want to go to Liberty because there are rules but like the rules do not infringe your fun at all like anyways,


thank you so much for Reading My Blogs I hope this gave you guys a little bit more tips about Liberty University life and such and things that they don’t tell you before you come to Liberty University and just kinda like based off my experience so this is a freshman advice Topic as well. If you guys want more freshman advice, please let me know I would love to give more informational videos. Make sure to subscribe if you’re not subscribed already My Email list So Thay I Notify You For My Feature Content.  I’ll see you guys later. Bye