Top Best Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

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Top Best Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

1. Application Programming

Application Programming money jar which is also all the n above $100,000. And I in charge of applications that run an entire business. So that is something really critical. Where things in that tech industry like you’re almost guaranteed to add a lot of money will definitely depend on experience after this type of condition you actually need to experience let me know in the comment section are you in the tech industry or have you ever thought of moving into tech industry or becoming the tech bro or SIS or something like gallium, just leave a comment section because as an engineering salary is quite enjoyable, anymore, anywhere you enjoy,

2. Marketing Director

Marketing director in nautical and above $100,000 us. So you can marketing up your skills, learn digital marketing, be the best in your industry, learn new skills or qualify you to have the potential to make above $100,000. And I like this list because it’s like the positions conversely, what the things are what pleases finance is marketing this cake. And there’s some I will Talk About very soon.

3. Business Development

The next is Business Development Manager, they can earn around 85,000, the last $200,000 and they can earn even higher like up to 175,000 Over the last week experience with this one, you have to like build a place of your base because this has to do with the business he wants. He’s going to take your business to the next level. So we had the best of the best, you will find that you’re addicted to tests they are willing to pay in lots.
The next one, is called appetites during cake, and they can earn above $100,000. And this is also based on experience. And also under this category. You need certifications, AWS, Azure, and all of that.

4. Operation Manager

The next one on this list. Is it operations manager like any operations manager is makes a lot of money because being in operations is no A joke. There are no pants. So someone in I’d say in tech industry is missing. Apples $100,000. And obviously, this is based on experience and all over

5. Electrical Engineering

Next on the list is electrical engineers, they can earn up to 115 pounds on drummers aka when they have between 5 and 10 years of experience and is tested salary can be about $80,000 $200,000, which is true I have a lot of electrical engineering friends. And yeah, that is true. If you’re based in British Columbia, Ontario, Calgary and places like that. If you’re new, it’s going to change the status quo salaries, we need to ask please consider negotiating and negotiating your salary.

6. Construction Project Manager

And last one is list this construction project manager. And this has competitive salaries and you can earn up to $100,000 a year or even above. I’m technically a project manager in the construction industry. I remember when I was negotiating my salary, an older friend of mine actually walked me through I was like, actually see, okay, competitive salaries in this particular industry as a project manager infrastructure, things like that. This is very true, there are a lot more than that, like there’s a lot of money, but there’s also a lot of pressure in the industry. It looks Like any law school definitely be in a lot of pressure where you can actually earn a lot as a project manager in construction.

But I know a lot of positions I shared kind of needed a degree or need certifications that were actually checked necessity and they actually would have felt this in December 2021, which is about one more people and it shed highest paying jobs without a fee and I just wanted to share some of the thoughts. The first one is an area manager you can earn as much as $79,000. So $123,000 per year, is the loss. What do you need a degree for if you can, because sometimes people with degrees do not have that.

7. Truck Drivers

The second is truck drivers if you lose money, so in this case, they can earn about $70,000 or $200,000 per year, which is good. You don’t need to pay for this third and this is what I can stone, you can earn $70,000 per year.
Cross Border Truck Drivers
The fourth is cross-border truck drivers. Same $70,000 to $80,000 a year and

There’s a list here also I’m just going to put it in my next post and it’s talking about the 20 highest pain in-demand jobs in Canada for 2022.
The first on the list is pharmacists. Pharmacists can have a range of $79,000 to $116,000 which is very true pharmacists, doctors, those people, the any amount of money, but definitely an internationally trained pharmacist, you have to have to go through a process to get into pharmacy in Canada, but this this actually has different industries there. So that’s good. And this is talking about in demand jobs that actually have good Pay and just highlighting the Pay for in-demand jobs. effects you can use to get an idea of what people earn in Canada and a lot of times people send me messages asking, oh how do I know what people earn in Canada? When I come to Canada if I’m an accountant or something like that just with no software to save. So there’s one called P skill I find that to be fairly accurate Pisco is a good one and is also level FYI, this is for people in tech like religion shows you the salary based on levels and it really goes into detail which I like. So you can calculate the level FYI for general warranty claims please kill you can also use Glassdoor what this can be used as a benchmark sometimes salaries and even get a really low compared to what you should actually go for because they might be in salaries from years ago or they can just be the situation where the person that puts in the salary actually did not negotiate or was not getting paid for their work. So sometimes it shouldn’t just go with that salary data seen there. I think you should check these sites if you want to know how much you can potentially earn when it comes to Canada


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