Tips And Tricks For Scholarship Search in 2022 

Tips And Tricks For Scholarship Search in 2022 
Tips And Tricks For Scholarship Search in 2022 
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Tips And Tricks For Scholarship Search in 2022 
Tips And Tricks For Scholarship Search in 2022


Tips And Tricks For Scholarship Search in 2022 

Hey guys, welcome back to another content on scholarships. In the first post, I spoke about the kind of foundation you should have before you start applying for scholarships. If you haven’t read that post I really recommend you to read it because this is kind of like a continuation so you don’t miss out on so many things. So this video is going to be about every two you need to apply for a scholarship, I’m going to be sharing with you guys the tools I use and other unnecessary tools I think you might find very useful. So let’s get started.


Best Scholarship Websites and Tools for Students

The first one I recommend is having a Google search widget on your home screen. For example, I had a Google search widget on my home screen. So it saves me seconds to search for anything I want instead of going to my apps to look for different browsers. Now when you search on Google, I want you to always use keywords that start with
• How  to apply for a scholarship
• How to apply to University,
• How to get the full scholarship to a certain country
• How to write a scholarship essay.
So just type how to unfollow it or whatever you’re curious about on Google, that is one of the best ways to get faster results and so many results from Google.


2. The second very important tool you should have when it comes to admissions and scholarships is Notepad, I can’t emphasize how important this is because every time you search on Google, you’re going to get so much information. And there’s very little you can remember. So please have a notepad, I use Google notes because I can easily sync my notes across all my devices. And even if my phone gets stolen or gets lost, I can easily retrieve it because it is saved to the cloud. Another good option is Evernote and whatever device you’re using, they should come with their own notes. But try to jot down everything you read online, try to know, and have everything detailed so that you never forget that life never forget how many essays you need to write because you get so much information and you just need something to guide you. Actually,
what I would recommend is you have a spreadsheet, especially to enable you to classify everything into different rows and columns. For example, you can have a spreadsheet that says

• Name of scholarship,
• Application deadline,
• How many essays are required
• Topics of essays required
• Documents required.

And you know, that way you kind of get everything all arranged and everything classified in their own order. So you can classify according to the scholarship types, according to the level of difficulty according to the number of essays available especially it is just best if you have the time to really update it to you know, sort it and to really go through it. But if you want something really fast, something you can always work with something you can just, you know, add and delete easily at any time, I recommend using a notepad. So this is a very basic scholarship spreadsheet I just made, let me explain what it does.


 Guide On How To find scholarship Bookmark Websites and Tools for Students

Tips And Tricks For Scholarship Search in 2022 
Tips And Tricks For Scholarship Search in 2022


I have the name of the scholarship and the
• First column country of scholarship,
• The university has given the scholarship if there is any,
as you can see, for Turkey, it was like it is in Turkey and there is no particular university because the scholarship itself does University placement so they can place you anywhere they want.
• And then you have an opening date when the scholarship opens or when you start then the closing date or deadline.
• Then you have the amounts of maybe 1000 or $2,000. Or fully funded,
• then you have a number of essays required can be one or two essays, depending on the program.
• Then you have topics of essays. You know, instead of going to the scholarship websites to look for two topics again, you can just have them sit here,

• then you have a documentary requirement, delete the kind of documentary idea these are basic documents, you may have other documents for different scholarships,
• and completed the final column. This is to tell us whether we have a competitive scholarship or not. So for Tokyo most likely now we say yes. And because we said yes, we highlighted it green. So that is the reason for this highlight of this green highlight. And for the stipendium Hungaricum, it was highlighted in red because we have not completed it. So these colors may differ based on your preferences. I don’t know if you want you can change it. I just chose this one for you know, generality purposes. having a spreadsheet like this is really really good. Trust me it’s you know, make everything clear. This makes you know, and understand what you’re doing best. Okay guys, so that’s it.


3. So the third one I’ll talk about is Going To Websites, there are some websites you just need to have saved in your browsers that with one tab you can go to them anytime. When it comes to university rankings you have the World Rankings QS World Rankings on US News, these are top websites that you can save any one of them to just check the ranking of any investor you want in any country. Now when it comes to scholarships in general is one of the best websites I know for that because you literally find almost everything there. So you can also have that saved on either your phone or your browser.


In fact, maybe as an icon On screen. And when it comes to trivial or controversial topics or questions that there is no direct answer to them, maybe the answers differ based on the country university, or whatever you’re applying for, then I have college confidentiality for you because we speak about so many topics like that. And then maybe you can find whatever you want there.


4. And the fourth one is we mix Cornell’s dot com. I really love these guys, because they give you almost everything you need to know when it comes to scholarships, especially for international students, you get so much information, you get to learn so many things, there are so many articles that teach you how to do almost everything. Okay,the first one I’ll talk about is getting subscribed to mailing list scholars for dev opportunities,

1. Corner scholarship,
3. After school in Africa,
4. We mix,

there are so many of them. And you know, if you subscribe to all of them at once, find maybe that’s not the best option. But that will let you know which one gives you more info than the other. So for example, I subscribe to as many as possible, I can remember doing that. And with time, I realized that okay, all I needed was scholarship And, let’s say after-school Africa because this really covers almost everything. And you know, I didn’t need the rest, because we’re just taking up space on my email. Anyways, the point is that there are so many websites, you should subscribe to their mailing list. And every day, or every week, or every month, you tried to check out the emails that are sent to you.


Okay, guys, so let me show you how to subscribe to different scholarship websites, for example, I open scholarship positions, and they’ve made it very easy, because once you just open it, yeah, discount, and you simply put your email and your name and you submit it. And as it doesn’t ask for any personal details, and very, very easy to subscribe to my mailing list. And this is how to start. So for different websites, it should also be like this,


one of the advantages of getting subscribed to the mailing list is that it keeps reminding you it keeps, you know telling you that okay, there’s this new scholarship out there can you try to apply for it does qualify for it. And so even when you have lost interest, or even when your motivation goes down to apply for scholarships or admissions in general, you know, this list kind of reminds you they kind of wake you up again. So I think they’re very useful.


This is something I use and almost all the scholarships or universities I applied to all was from these emails that came to me. So by just subscribing to different mailing lists of different websites, you are doing yourself a huge favor. Okay, so number five is the college essay guy, I really wanted to give this guy points because he’s so good at what he does. I mean, from the name you can tell that is all about essays for college fine is based on us. And what it does is mostly based on US schools, but trust me,

US schools kind of set the standard for so many schools out there. And if you want to have something good if you want to know how to do something well, especially when it comes to college admissions or not, then your school is not something you can take your eyes off. So college essay guy really teaches you how to write essays for different schools. And trust me, if you can write three or four US schools and UK schools, let’s say then you can write well, for almost any school out there.


This guy is the best guy for college essays, I recommend you to check him out. He has so many webinars free webinars that you can watch. And in fact, some paid ones that are really worth the money. Honestly, if you want to write better essays, if you want to improve yourself when it comes to essays for admissions and scholarships, then college guys want for you. Okay, guys, so these are basic tools that I feel you need when it comes to scholarship applications



Okay, guys, so these are basic tools that I feel you need when it comes to scholarship applications

•1. make Google your friend. That is one, how to unfold it with whatever you want to get.

2. Then secondly, having notes where you keep all your details, I recommend having a spreadsheet it is the best
3. Number three is that you should have some websites bookmarked either on your phone or your laptop or whatever device you’re using. Try to go to this website anytime you need basic information. The more you save, the more websites you discover the more websites that kind of talk about what you’re interested in. And then
4. Number four is that you should get your mail and subscribe to a mailing list. You have different scholarship websites out there that send us scholarships every single day. In fact, some are sent twice a day. So please subscribe to them they really do a huge favor.
5. And the last one is to use a college essay guy this is totally optional. I find him interesting. So just check him out. And if you like what he does, then make sure you follow him a lot. Make sure you follow the rules and guidelines it gives and I’m sure the next time you apply for a scholarship you’ll be hitting this really okay guy.


So that brings us to the end of the topic. I appreciate it. If you watch it up to this point. If you like this content, please give it a thumbs up, and Don’t forget to comment because that’d be amazing. And by the way, we hope to take this to the next level inshallah we time is going to get better and I hope I will be able to have you guys join me along this journey. Okay guys, so that’s it for me for today, and I’ll see you next time