Summer Scholarships You Need To Apply To In 2022 Easy Scholarships Paid Internships

Summer Scholarships You Need To Apply To In 2022 Easy Scholarships Paid Internships
Summer Scholarships You Need To Apply To In 2022 Easy Scholarships Paid Internships
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Summer Scholarships You Need To Apply To In 2022 Easy Scholarships Paid Internships
Summer Scholarships You Need To Apply To In 2022 Easy Scholarships Paid Internships

Summer Scholarships You Need To Apply To In 2022 Easy Scholarships Paid Internships

I earned over $2 million in scholarships, which is why I’m especially excited today to be coming back to you with another Topic because I found some great scholarships that you can apply to. So just sit tight, and enjoy the ride because there are over $60,000 worth of opportunities in this content, so make sure you read until the end and share with a friend so that we can all eat together, but some of the deadlines are coming up pretty soon. So that’s why you want to make sure to subscribe to my email list so that you never miss my next post you can jump on these scholarships as soon as you find them out. For me, So without further ado, let’s get right on to the topic of matters

1. Ivy scholarship

The first scholarship I want to talk about is called ivy panda. And it’s their $1,500 annual essay writing contest scholarship. There are multiple winners. So that’s the beautiful thing about it, the top winner will receive $1,000, And then the runner-up will receive $500. Now, this scholarship is due on June 30. And you will be notified if you win by August 1. And all you have to do for this scholarship is either be a current high school college or a university student from any country so international students can apply students who don’t go to school in the US are eligible for this opportunity, which is phenomenal. Now you do have to write a 500 to 700-word essay either ways to present the next global pandemic, the effects of isolation on physical and mental health and learning.

Now, there’s remote youth internship is a program by the climate investment funds, and it is due on June 15. So you definitely want to hop on this as soon as possible. The internship comes with a stipend of $4,000 for the interns. And it looks like this is a five, three to five months experience. They’re especially looking for interns from the Middle East and North America. So the MENA region, especially if they are citizens from this region. And they do have a fellowship, which comes with a stipend of $30,000. But I believe that’s for older students or professionals or the candidates for the internship experience must be 18 to 30 years old and have an interest in climate, climate finance, as well as policy advocacy. Additionally, they are required to have an excellent command of the English language.

But this is a great opportunity, especially since you’re getting paid. This is something that you can use to build your resume and your working experience. And it’s about something really important for us in our environment.

So the next opportunity I have is actually a scholarship that I’ve talked about so many times on my social media. And this is a no-essay scholarship, it’s worth $5,000 And they’re going to be 50 different winners. So this is like more low-stakes sweepstakes that you can apply for and this scholarship is being offered by Ernest but you definitely want to jump on this scholarship as soon as possible is due July 31. And it really won’t take you any more than five minutes to apply since there is no essay for this scholarship application. There is no minimum GPA residency or major requirements and US citizens and DACA recipients are eligible to apply as well as high school students who will be enrolled in college and current college students five minutes of work, you could win $5,000 definitely apply ASAP.

2. Tylenol future care scholarship

Now the next scholarship I’m going to be talking about is the Tylenol future care scholarship. Now this one is for my stem baddies. So if you’re majoring in STEM, this is definitely the scholarship for you. You can win either $10,000 or $5,000. And Tylenol is giving away lots of money to the people in STEM. Okay, now I have another post coming about scholarships that are specifically for STEM students. So make sure that you’re subscribed to my email list so that you don’t miss this next Post But let me just give you a sneak peek of what you can find there.

we have another essay scholarship for you guys. This one offered by DFLA is called the DFLA Education Fund essay contest. And this is actually their fourth annual contest. So this is something you can look forward to every year, they’re giving away $2,500 to the winner $1,000 to the first runner-up, and $500 to the second runner-up. So again, there are going to be multiple winners of this tiered scholarship, all you have to do is write a 500 to 800-word essay about abortion. Essentially, you can see the essay prompt on the screen. But they’re grading you on originality, creativity, and the strength of your argument as well as the grammar conventions that you have in your essay. This is open to full-time students and forthcoming students who are American citizens or have DACA. And you have to be between the ages of 17 to 26. So I believe if you’re a graduate student, undergraduate student, you can or even a high school student falling within this age range, you can apply for the scholarship as well. So that’s awesome. Again, this scholarship is due June 30th. And you can get the direct link to this scholarship application, as well as all the others that are mentioned,

3. Internship scholarship

Now the next opportunity is also an internship, but this one is in person. And it’s going to be on Capitol Hill in press and media relations. Now this is an incredible opportunity. And again, it is paid, it’s a $4,000 opportunity, all you have to do is have at least a 2.5 GPA as well as your COVID vaccination and be a US citizen or just have permission to work in the US and you have to have the availability to participate full time if you are accepted to this program, and the program runs from August 19 to December 9. So I know this isn’t going to be something that’s available for everybody, especially build-time students. But if you’re doing school online, or if you’re taking a break or a gap semester, this is definitely a great opportunity for you. And the application is due on June 16. So it is a really fast turnaround. You do need recommendation letters too, but you can read more about the qualifications and everything like that.

4. Girls Impact The World Scholarship

The last scholarship that I will be talking about on this Topic today is the girl’s impact on the world Film Festival. Now you can win up to $5,000 with this scholarship. remarkable, remarkable. There are so many different categories for these films. So there are ample opportunities for you to win some money, which we love to see, the film must be original work that hasn’t been screened at any other festivals. And it has to have been made after January 1 2022, the films must be between three to six minutes long and have been produced written, and filmed by people who are between the ages of 13 to 25, the deadline of this scholarship opportunity has actually been extended to June 15. So you definitely want to hop on this ASAP, because the days are coming upon us very rapidly. And because that scholarship is due really soon, you know what, I’m going to be nice and bless you guys get an extra bonus scholarship on this topic.

And also give you a sneak peek of the other scholarship that I’m gonna be creating, which is specifically talking about opportunities for minority students.

Now, this $1,000 scholarship opportunity is to on July 3, and let me tell you something when I first said that sometimes you can win a scholarship by default because nobody else applies. This scholarship is a testament to that because if you go on their website, BLM squared scholarship foundation, this is a scholarship, particularly for minorities, not just black minorities, but also Native people, etc, etc. And 2021 There were no winners of the scholarship because they did not receive any qualified applications. So you definitely want to hop on this because what does that tell you? This is a low-competition scholarship because nobody knows about it. But the people who follow groomed Gaby and that’s why you won’t have my post notifications on and be subscribed to this channel. You must be a graduating high school senior in the year of this award. So this one is 2022. But this is an annual scholarship. So if you’re not a high school senior now you can apply next year, you need at least a 3.0 GPA or higher and you must be a minority as well as be enrolled as a full-time student for this $1,000 scholarship.


So best of luck on this application as well as all the other scholarships that I talked about in this video, they will all be linked on Gabriella So I’m really looking forward to you guys applying and hopefully winning, as I said before, keep me updated. But also let me know what other scholarships you would like me to find or other working opportunities. I am branching out from just talking about scholarships to talking about business grants to talk about internships and remote working experiences. So I’m really looking forward to sharing other opportunities that can help you guys get in your back pay for school and just pay for living pay for school and also give you a lot of working and personal experience. So thank you for Reading My blog till the end. I really appreciate you making sure you SHARE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE To My Email List so that I can continue helping students across the globe and we can be our back together. So I hope you all have a beautiful day and make sure you stay tuned for more scholarship and working opportunities.