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Move To Canada For FREE With You

So last application season or around March, or April, a lot of my audience got admission as well as scholarship in Canada, And that is why I would also want to be talking about scholarships in Canada because I know that Canada is a lot of like a lot of people their dream countries, usually Canada, but you know, you have to think about the fee and everything. So I’ll bring it to you guys, the schools that have scholarships open, and the scholarship that you’re going to apply to, and I will also be showing you how you’re going to go for that so that you will have basic knowledge on what you need to do. So today we are going to go into this particular university in Canada, and they are giving not only a trans scholarship, but they also have a huge scholarship that they are giving away to international students but, 

  • Bachelor’s degree, 
  • Master’s degree,
  • Ph.D. 

So stick around and to the end of this post so that you will see all the steps that I follow. And then you will see how you can go about with your research and everything. 

welcome to the next step I talk about everything in Europe, I talk about free opportunities in Europe, cheap opportunities in Europe, as well as job opportunities in Europe. So without wasting much of our time, we will go straight to this. So we are talking about  York University in Canada. So this university I know personally that one of my audience from Ghana got admission to this university as well as a scholarship. And I can also remember somebody sent me an email as of last application season, that also got admission, I think a scholarship worth 50,000 Canadian dollars or something. I don’t know where that is. But if you go on my Instagram page, and you got the testimony, you will see all those things because I usually screenshot it and post it on my story.

 So the University of York is offering two types of scholarships and different other scholarships. So one of them is like the automatic scholarship where if you apply, and you at least get into the course, you automatically know like the UK automatically gets some sort of money removed from your tuition. And then you can as well when you apply for admission, you can as well apply for a scholarship that is worth like full tuition waiver is costly. That is a true tuition waiver for bachelor’s degree students. And there are other scholarships also that you can as well apply for now for master’s degrees that you can either apply for a scholarship or you can also apply for a teaching assistant. Yes, Canada also does the teaching assistants’ stuff and the signal system contains your full tuition as well as they will give you a stipend. 

So we are going to see it in detail so that I will show you what it does and how you can go about it. And if you’re also going for Ph.D., you will also apply and automatically be considered for teaching assistant but there are also things that you will need to do. So what are the things that you need to do good news is that if you studied you did your previous study in English, for example, your high school study is in English, you do not need IELTS Yes, that is a very, very good thing. But if you also have an IELT there is no problem, you can submit that if you have Duolingo, you can submit that. But if you’re from Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana, like a lot of countries listed on that website, and you’ve done your previous even if it is two years diploma. And the language of teaching the language of instruction is English, you do not need IELTS. So for a Master, if you’ve done your BSc in English, like the language of instruction is in English, you do not need IELTS. So that is really good news for us. And most of us don’t have the money to write the exam or don’t want to write the exam. So you can at least get that documented. And we will just go straight we will see it from the website and I will be showing you, let’s stick to the end of this Article so that you will get the information that you need to start your application to this school.

 Hi, guys. So here we are, this is something that you can do by yourself, I do not want you to pay an agent to do this particular application for you. Because it’s really, really easy to go about that. So all you need to do is, first of all, come to this website, I’m going to keep it under LINK. So when you come here, please read through as a student, as a prospective undergraduate and master’s student that is good that wants to move abroad. I believe that one thing that you should learn is research skills. So you read through all these, and then I’m going to show you for undergraduate students, I’m going to show you how you can be able to know what exactly you need to submit the basic requirements that you need for your program.

 So all you need to do is here you choose here and then please go through this list here. And then you choose the one that corresponds with your country’s high school certificate. So if you’re coming from India, you will see an Indian certificate for high school. You just click it and then it will show you what you will need. Let’s choose India first. And maybe we choose up a Bachelor of Education and here Do you see what you need as an Indian student? So this is what you need 60% This is 150 5% also read this criminally review documents that you also need. So this is what you will need as an Indian student for your undergraduate program then for people from West Africa, you just choose the West African Senior Secondary examination or the national examination council that is Mako, then you can choose that and you will see what you need. Okay, sorry.


Okay, let’s go back,  So here we choose West Africa. And then here, we also choose bachelor, let’s say business administration. So you just go down so that you can read everything that you need. So here, they tell you that you will need your West African examination certificates, you need to have at least 3466 Or depending on the program that you want to apply for. And another thing you need to make sure that you know is that you will need your high school transcript. So what they basically mean is that you need your semester one high school transcript of your grade 11 and grade 12. So in Nigeria, it’s basically your SS two and your SS three, that is your Senior Secondary School second year, and then your Senior Secondary School third year, which is a final year. So you can calculate that in your own country, I don’t know what it’s called. So this is the basic one that you need. And you also need a scratch card for the certificate that your results certificate that you’re submitting. So you also need a scratch card for that. And also you need requirement for admission, you also need your senior-level maths b two is required on your work. And also there is a supplementary application including a leadership profile, video interview, and timing, timed writing exercise is also required by February 2, for guaranteed consideration to the program. So this one is for that this particular program, the business administration program that we choose. So it depends on the course that you choose, if you choose education, let’s see. If you choose education, you will see a supplementary information form will also be submitted. Okay, this is what 2022 experience, profile experience, summary personal statement letters of recommendation. 


So you download the form and then you see what you need to submit must be applying directly from high school for females of admission requirements for your undergraduate program. So all programs have their own different requirements. But this is how you can know your own your different requirements. So if yours is not listed here, just click on another curriculum, and it should show you all the countries so for my subscribers from Kenya, Uganda, Algeria, Gambia, yeah, Zambia, you guys can all see it here, and Liberia, you can as well see what you need to submit.

 So let’s go back to that. Now for the scholarship. My people at this school have a lot of scholarships available. So you just click on this financial aid, and it will lead you they have two different types of scholarship. 

One scholarship is automatic scholarship automatic concentration scholarship. So they will give you that you don’t need a separate application. And here are the scholarships available though they have a yoke entrance scholarship that is 1000 Canadian dollars. They also have this one 2000 Canadian dollars for engineering students. This one is for Art Media and performance design. But for people that are going for liberal arts and Professional Studies applicants require an application. So this one requires an application because it’s a huge scholarship for undergraduates is a huge scholarship. So you have to click here and apply. So the deadline is March 1, 2023. So you have enough time to write your motivation letter, write your leadership letter, you have enough time guys. So also then, for the liberal arts, I also have another entrance scholarship if you cannot, if you don’t want to apply for this, it also has a 2000 scholarship, and the Faculty of Science also has automatic scholarship to Towson. Then the York science scholars award is also maybe you read through it to know what this award is all about. It also happened that the 1000 scholarship this one needs an application, as also the other ones. But now guys, the huge one is this one. So there is this one that you need to apply for by the first of December. So my people you have extra time to do all the things that you need to do to do the necessary things that you need to do. So one thing that you need to know about this scholarship is, first of all, you need to apply for admission. So when you apply for admission, you will get a reference number or admission number. So with that admission number that is what you now use to apply for this, this scholarship. So you need to demonstrate leadership in community service or excellence in arts sports or other areas. So I believe that it’s a vast area so it’s not really focused on either community service if you have excellent service in other areas even at work or voluntary service, which is also community service, you can as well apply for rates where applicable. So our advice is to start now to gather all those documents or the letters or the recommendation letters that are needed at least from school. 

And also it needs to be received before February of February 1. So all the documents that are needed and needed to be received. So, you just go down here, and here is where you will be applying. 

So, you will see the award oh my god it’s 45,000 times for years. So, this is the award for this particular scholarship and there is also another scholarship or undergraduate 

30,004 years 20,004 years. So, so, there are a lot of scholarships available here. So, if you apply to this place on December 1 And you will choose the one that you want to go to first but please read through those scholarships so that you would know the things that you need to know for the ones that you are applying for. So, for this one, they are giving 20 scholarships, and for this one, they are giving 15 scholarships this one they are giving two scholarships. So I bet that these two are the ones that you would want to apply for. So please read through it so that you will know the basic requirements and the main requirements and the consideration. So that is it for our bachelor’s degree.

What about our on-the-people for masters? So preparing for your document. So just like I said, you need to do is all you need to do is to, first of all, know because I want to study and the basic requirement This goes for both undergraduate and graduate programs or Ph.D., you know, the ones that you need to apply and then you come back here when you’ve gone through the course and everything that you need, come back here and read through all the other document that you need. So let’s go to language proficiency requirements, this is for adults or something. So do I need to take the requirements to let’s see? Okay, so, if you have completed if you have successfully completed primary, four full years of study in English or French at an accredited high school in Canada or wherever it is, is the official or where English is the official promisor country of the country, then you are exempted. If you have four years of study at a high school level where English is the primary language of instruction you are exempted.

If you have one full year of study in an accredited university program in English in a country where English is the primary language or English is the official language of the institute you are also exempted so what it basically means is that you do not need an English IELTS if you’re coming from a country where English is the primary language and your study are also in the language in English. But here is the list of countries that are exempted. If your country is not listed here then you don’t fulfill the above-mentioned stuff. So I can see my Ghana audience I can see kg I can see Malawi I can see Uganda I can see Zimbabwe Zambia, I can see Nigeria I can see you guys I can see South Africa I guess history Sirialone. 


So here are all the countries that are listed. Now let’s go for let’s go to our graduate program. So for graduate students, there are two types of funding available one is a teaching assistant and another one is a scholarship. So the difference is that teaching assistants have a stipend but scholarship does not have a stipend so that is one different difference between them let’s see it’s


okay, so this goes for both Ph.D. students and Ph.D. students as well as master students. So if you scroll down, you can read through frequently asked questions. This is really really important if you’re trying to apply for admission abroad so that you know the questions that other people have been asking and what their answers are so that you will not repeat that question when it’s already written here. So if you go down you will see the available scholarship or funding one is Master’s international masters without teaching assistant, this is the scholarship so the difference is that this one does not have a stipend if you click to see all the things so this is the funding total of the money you’ll be getting is 21,000 Canadian dollars, both your expenses will be 20,954. So that basically means that you have around $58,000 left. 

Teaching Assistance Scholarships

So another one is then the teaching assistant that is necessary is bigger. This is the money that you’ll be getting and this is the expenses that you will be making excesses that you’ll be making 20,000 Something so that is it for masters and then for Ph.D. here it is for a Ph.D. student there is only teaching assistantship available. So you guys can as well it is 36 and you will be making expenses of about 16. I think I have about 19,000 Here So this is it now how are you going to apply as a master’s degree and Ph.D. student? Of course, first of all, for you to go to your program, and here is a graduate program to see the requirements needed and everything. So when you’ve seen the requirement needed and you go through it very well, and you find out that they didn’t really specify if you need to, first of all, apply to is like get a supervisor’s rights in or anything from a supervisor, all you need to do like I usually recommend to you guys is to talk to the Program Director in Nigeria, we call it his show the head of the department. So let’s choose, let’s use biology as an example.

So if you look at it, and it’s not like a research program, you did not really see where they say, you need to provide this, you need to provide that. Okay, so you did not really see then all you need to do is to contact the program director. So I am trying to open it well if my internet is going to allow me though, but we can as well go to see the program page. So this program page, it is dedicated to biology. And here is where you will see all the information that you need. So like I was saying, if you have a research proposal already, all you need to do is to set in this faculty and see if there is any supervisor that is doing or does the same thing with your research.

And you can try as much as possible to contact them. So in a place where you contact them, and they do not respond. So all you need to do is to contact the program head, the head of the program. So here, let’s see. Yeah, research and supervisors, this is where you will see them. So this is where you see the research and supervisors available for this biology.

And then you try to contact the supervisor that has the same thing with what you want to do or what you would want to do. So if you contact them, and you also tell them that you are planning to apply for a teaching assistantship position or research assistantship position on that a person like another supervisor, you see if they can be able to respond in a positive way. So if they can be there are a lot of videos on this YouTube that teach you how you can contact supervisors, what you’re going to write, and all that, then that is that also goes to a Ph.D. student.

So if you can get this advisor to give you a positive response, then you can be able to use that positive response to apply. So also contact the program director to see if there is any other application you need to put in for teaching assistantship positions. If you don’t find our contact list or contact documents, you can contact the admissions department directly and ask them for the contact of your departmental head or your list link to find the supervisors available for that. So these are the ways that you can make contact with that.

And then you just try as much as possible to contact them and get a yes from them. And then you can move ahead with applying for your teaching assistantship position or your scholarship position. But make sure that they have funding available right now and what you need to do to get funding in this particular department that you are applying to.

So this is it for this York University. And I hope you guys learned a little bit and I hope you guys will go forward to putting out your application here. And then we will hopefully we will get a lot of good news from this particular school because I got good news last application for CISM from one of our audience, so I wish you guys good luck and try to apply just try to