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Thank you guys for stopping by. Okay to Subscribe To my Mailing List lets us grow Together and I’m so excited. I have exciting news for you guys. I have exciting news for my business-inclined individuals, business grants students, that’s exciting news to show you guys that I actually read your comments. On my WhatsApp number thank you Without further ado, let’s get straight into today’s video. Today’s Topic going to be very crucial because now it’s application season talking about the

 7 Different Categories Of Scholarship That You Should Know Before You Apply

The seven different categories of scholarships that are available out there that you should be aware of. Before you apply when you know the kind of scholarship that particular institution is offering. It helps you tailor your statement of purpose it helps you tailor writings on all of your purpose-driven SOPs and everything towards what they’re looking for. You know, when you have a scholarship and a need-based scholarship, you don’t want to be talking about how much you need need need. When you should be talking about how much you have to offer. It is the kind of skill of course this is the kind of Freebies you want to Read. I’ll be talking about different kinds of scholarships or the different categories of scholarships that there is before you apply. And I feel like you should know this before you apply. There are seven categories or more depending on your school of thought. And I’ll explain briefly what each of these categories is the very first question that you should know is that there is an Athletic scholarship.

1. Athletics Scholarship

So there is an athletic scholarship, where you have to draw on your sports, you have to talk about your sporting abilities, and how much you have to offer sports-wise or athletic Wise, who need to maintain a certain amount of GPA or a certain minimum GPA for you to be able to still be maintained in an athletic scholarship. And some of them require a certain amount of class attendance because they know that once you come on board, you’ll be spending more time practicing and on the field or on the track depending on which of the athletic activities you are applying for, you’ll be spending more time or equivalent time in class and then on the field. So you need to have a minimum amount of GPA or minimum GPA, and you need to have a specific amount of class attendance to be able to maintain this kind of scholarship when you eventually get selected for these.

2. Merit-Based Scholarship

The second type of scholarship that I’ll be talking about today is the merit-based scholarship. And like I said earlier, the merit-based scholarship actually depends on your academic performance depends on your leadership roles depends on your test scores depend on your community service depends on your extracurricular activities. And all of these that are mentioned should be your key points when you are writing your statement of purpose or your personal statement. When you are applying for a merit-based scholarship. These are the points you should be hammering when you are applying for a merit-based scholarship.

3. Need-Based Scholarships

The third type of scholarship that I’ll be talking about today is the need-based scholarship. The need-based scholarship is as popular as the merit-based scholarship. But I believe the merit-based scholarship is the most popular kind of scholarship that there is out there. The need-based scholarship like I already said, moves on to your financial need. It’s a draw on the fact that you have family constraints in a should demonstrate that you are in need of finances, you should demonstrate that you are incapable of paying people or supporting yourself with supporting documents, of course, and then you should sometimes they also ask about your parents or your family, he should be able to let them know that you are in need of the scholarship. That’s why it’s called a need-based scholarship. And there are a lot of need-based scholarships out there. These pointers that I’m giving are for you to tailor your statement of purposes, or your personal statements towards this point, so you can actually get in and be selected for these scholarships.

4. Unique Scholarship

The fourth type of scholarship that I’ll be hammering in today’s content is the unique scholarship. This unique scholarship I believe I’ve talked about a couple of my Posts back where the institution was looking for writers that had affiliations or were born in Africa or had their parents born in Africa because they needed to support the writers for scholarships. And then they were specifically looking

A bachelor’s from African descent is a typical example of a unique scholarship where they look at your hobbies, they look at your creative pursuits, to show your original ideas or your original research interest.

An example would be given proper funding, propose how you can carry out certain projects in agriculture, in writing in baking, like, it’s just unique. These scholarships are not common, they come once in a while, whenever they come out, and you are in a creative space, and you are a creative by yourself. These are the kinds of scholarships that you should be in to apply for because that way you get to show your creative side, you get to talk about your passion, you get to talk about things that are not necessarily generic, not necessarily popular, not necessarily common, we just have to talk about you.

5. Subject/Career Specific Scholarship


The fifth type of scholarship that I’ll be talking about in today’s is the subject of slash career-specific scholarship. These are academic societies, scholarships were specific academic organizations or specific academic societies who are there to give scholarships to those people who are their members, those people who are part of them, I would say, so academic slash subject slash carrier specific scholarships, applicants should have a strong academic record in the documented field. And they should expect to submit samples of their web during the application process to reflect their interest in the field-specific institutions giving this kind of scholarship. So please be on the lookout for those kinds of scholarships as well.

6. Employers Scholarships

That’s it scholarship that I’ll be talking about in today’s post is the employer scholarship. Now, these are the kinds of scholarships that businesses companies and etc offer their employees. So I know quite a number of companies do this because I have worked with some people by applying for different scholarships from their companies. And I know that their company actually puts it internally that there are certain scholarships that are out there. If you want to go get a one-year master’s in the UK, the company is willing to sponsor you, if you are willing to get a Ph.D. in a certain field, the company is actually willing to sponsor you. So these are employer-specific scholarships, and sometimes actually extend the scholarships to the employee’s family.
So it’s either the employee or the employee and their family has the liberty to apply for this kind of scholarship. Sometimes his employer scholarships could be merit-based as well because if you are applying and you don’t have the criteria to apply, you don’t get to get in. So usually, these employee scholarships might be married.

7. Community Service Scholarships

These are the last type of scholarship that I’ll be talking about in today’s categories or scholarship video is the community service scholarship. Now the community service scholarship really talks about volunteering and the service that you have rendered to your community. And you could be used for additional considerations during the scholarship of community service, like what you’ve done in the community, things you’ve done in your community. Those community activities you partake in on the weekend do come in handy when you are applying for a community-based scholarship.


I really hope this breakdown helps you in your next scholarship search. I really wanted to put this out there so you know the different categories of scholarships that they are, before we apply. That way you can tailor your Statement of Purpose towards hammering the key points that this scholarship organizers are looking at, and they want to see in your application. Like I said charts for the next post is coming up. It’s so exciting. I cannot wait to share with you guys the good news for my subscribers that are business inclined, please don’t forget to Like share,and subscribe. Onto my next Post guys. Bye