Fully Funded Scholarship To Study In Europe 2023/2024 Tuition fee Stipends Travel Cost Covered

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Fully Funded Scholarship To Study In Europe 2023/2024 Tuition fee Stipends Travel Cost Covered

Hi, I’ll be sharing with you a scholarship opportunity to study in many of the European universities for free in 2022 and 2024. And the good thing about this particular scholarship opportunity is that there is no age restriction.
• There is no work experience
• No requirements,
• No IELTS score or GRE score requirements.
• And that got an abundance of scholarship opportunities. You can also apply even if it’s students with a low CGPA is not a good thing.
So if you think this will interest you don’t go anywhere. Keep Reading till the end. Hello guys. So if you’re looking for a place to get first and latest information on how to locate and study abroad,
Let’s get started with the Topic. There are quite a number of scholarship opportunities to study abroad for free. And you know, so many of these college opportunities are currently open for applicants now a few days back, this particular Post is going to focus on a different scholarship program that allows international students to move into any of the European countries to study for free.

Now this particular scholarship opportunity I’ll be sharing with you does not actually require any GRE score, you don’t need to have any work experience to apply for this scholarship. There are no age limits. And even for students with low C GPAs you can actually live with on the scholarship possibility and apply. Now this first-class culture was it I will share with you in this Content is known as the

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2023/2024

Erasmus Mundus scholarship and this scholarship is available for international students you know looking to study in the image of European universities in 2020 or 2024. And in this post, I want to share with you the documentation required to apply for this scholarship, the eligibility criteria, the application process apply to, and all you need to know about this particular scholarship program. That application is available for one of the largest scholarship programs in Europe, which is this particular scholarship I will share with you in this Post. And it’s for students who are willing to study a master’s program or Ph.D. program in many European universities and this scholarship is fully funded. I will share with you some of the things that you need or some of the things that this particular scholarship covers.

Now evaluate permanent and as most Erasmus Mundus scholarships also include a part-time internship as training in many countries and interval For a master’s program, this scholarship lasts for two years, and for a doctoral program, it lasts for three years. So students who are still waiting for their results can also apply, and there is no age limit for this scholarship program.

Benefit Of Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Now, some of the scholarship benefits included in the Erasmus Mundus scholarship include a

• Monthly Stipend of about 1100 to 1200 euros per month. That’s a lot of money honestly to study abroad, I used to get paid.
• The scholarship also covers a full tuition fee covers
• Traveling allowances,
• It covers international airfare tickets,
• It covers travel allowances from country to country at the end of your semester.
• And it’s also there’s no bound restriction to return to the country. Now for the shipment scholarship, I mentioned earlier in this Post after the completion of our program in the UK.
The scholarship requires you to go back to your own country and put into practice those things you learned from the universities in the UK. However, for this particular scholarship program, in this post, you don’t have any bound bonds that say you need to return back to your own country. So she’s one of the good parts of this scholarship over the Shipman scholarship

and also jumped visa granted after Masters or Ph.D. degree to work in Europe after the degree so you can actually get a work visa upon completion of a program in any of the European countries. So which is actually a very good thing for me to be honest.

Courses You Can Apply For Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Now some of the courses that are should I say that you can apply for under the scholarship, are actually over 100 Erasmus Mundus courses ranging from
• National Natural Science and
• engineering,
• computer science,
• business economics,
• law,
• social sciences
• and many more.
So the actually lose of course is you can apply through the system The interview will be on universities on scholarship.

Document Requirement

Now, the document required for you to apply for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship includes a
• Motivation letter for scholarship,
• Your passport or national identity. That’s a copy of his anyway,
• You also need a curriculum vitae preferably, in your past four months, you can check the description of this post.
• So when you’re constructing your CV, and you also need the accommodation letter for the scholarship,
• You need your first-degree certificate,
• You need the first-degree transcript,
• And you need a recommendation letter.
And those are major documents that are required for the scholarship. And personally, I would advise I won’t apply for this scholarship, try as much as possible to ensure that you have all these documents available before you put in your application. So it’s going to save you a lot of stress on you know, starting the application. And then having to stop there trying to get all the documentation required before you can start your application process or the scholarship. Try and get this document available for you to actually you know, prepare for your application.

Step To Prepare For Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Now, what are the steps to prepare for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship? Now,
• the first thing is that you need to open the Erasmus Mundus catalog and go through each program one by one and see which program you fit in. Now, this class will achieve it’s as like loads of program, you know, especially for people starting courses and people, you know, thinking or looking forward to, you know, applying for a particular program. So all you need to do is first you need to do is to ensure you go to the program catalog and see some of the scholarship programs that you are eligible for obviously, you are not eligible for all the scholarship programs. But for those ones that are able to meet the requirements, you need to actually go to them and see if you’ve got the documentation available,

then select 2022 in the Years of the student intake. Now, it will list all the programs for 2022. So you can check out the ones that you are eligible for.
• Then the next thing is to complete the three most relevant programs to your profile.
• Then after that you review the requirements of the program and try to prepare for them early such as to kind of propose motivation later, personal statement, etc. so forth. Fortunately, I would say if you’re applying for this scholarship, the best way to sell yourself is through your motivation letter or your statement of purpose or personal statements of single purpose is the best way to sell yourself to prove to the scholarship board that you’ve got, what it takes to excel in whichever program you’re going for. And now you can actually bring back the skills you can influence in the European market and also the African market with the skill set you will be getting from the scholarship program.

How To Apply For Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

So the first lesson is how can you apply. So the first thing is to visit the website, the official Erasmus Mundus scholarship website, check out the website’s try, and get more information on how to go about the whole application.

And also then scroll down a little to show you a list of Erasmus Mundus catalogs, each program will display the name of a program and project location, then select the appropriate program or use the search filter in the sidebar to select the appropriate programs.

So this allows Erasmus Mundus scholarship opportunity is actually it’s going to happen to you you don’t want to miss it allows you to move to enter new repair countries. And if you’re probably your end goal, or your destination countries, probably the US or the UK or Canada to us when guys, you don’t want to wait on some of this philosophy, it’s actually very difficult getting fully funded scholarship in some of these countries, actually in the UK and in Canada. For USA If you go to first class, then you can actually, you know, easily or not in one easily now, because you need to put some effort but you can be able to get a fully funded scholarship. In the US we’ve got a first-class However, with this Erasmus Mundus scholarship, even with a low CGPA as well as to two-second class lower,

you can still apply for this scholarship and you get the last app, you know our testimony I read on LinkedIn or the students who had a 2/2 in one of the public universities in Nigeria and she was able to secure this particular scholarship so a low C GPA is not a limitation for you to apply for the scholarship opportunity and trust me guys, it’s an opportunity you definitely don’t want to miss out in so guys, please transfer options which will check out some of the scholarship opportunities I’ve also shared on this Site. Check Some Of The Scholarships was interested in the UK and you know, some studying some of the European universities and you don’t miss out On this port sunesis Trust me guys, you really don’t want to miss out on them. So this will be LDS video training Post. Also, please click on the like button if you have any questions regarding this particular scholarship or any questions we ask look it up in a word, please state them in the comment section, and I’ll try to respond as soon as I can. And if you’re coming across my Post or my channel for the very first time, you’re welcome, Trust me, it’s going to be watered I’ve got amazing. Thank you for the love. I really do appreciate you guys. This is going to be the end of this post. And I’ll see you guys in the next post. Thank you