Chevening Scholarship: Fully-Funded Scholarship To Study in UK 2022

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Chevening Scholarship: Fully-Funded Scholarship To Study in UK 2022

You can actually get paid to start in the UK. Hello everyone and welcome To My Site. If you are an aspirant who wants to stay in the Uk Or you have seen this Content right here, you already know that higher education in the UK is not exactly affordable, and can actually take a toll on your focus. But what if I told you, you can actually get paid to start in the UK? In today’s Post, we are talking about the CIMIC scholarships that cover all the expenses of studying in the UK, like your
• Tuition fees,
• Your travel fares and
• Cost of living.

So without wasting any time, let’s get on with today’s Post.

Starting off with what is achieving  Chevening Scholarship is the UK government’s international scholarships program funded by foreign Commonwealth development office for an organization. It is designed for aspirants who want to study the UK for one year on a fully funded master’s degree course.
It covers the payment of
• Your tuition fees,
• Economy travel to and from your country of residence and arrival allowance.
• The cost of one visa application for you a departure allowance,
• Travel allowance,
• Contribution of up to 75 pounds for TB testing wherever it is necessary,
• A monthly allowance or stipend to cover your accommodation and living expenses. This depends on whether you’re studying inside or outside London,
• And travel run to attend all cheering events in the UK.
There isn’t a set amount that they offer, the amount that you’ll get will be dependent on the aforementioned factors. Your tuition fees will change from university to university and course to course, your living cost will also depend on which city you live in. There are a lot of benefits to being selected, including the fully funded tuition fees, access to some of the best quality education in the world, exclusive network opportunities, and a chance to explore the UK is diverse culture.

In the year 2021 20 to 1500 tuning scholarships were awarded to international students. The process of selecting tuning scholars takes a minimum of eight months from the application deadline to when the applicants are conditionally selected for the award. In the case of scholarships and awards, the earlier you apply, the better chances you have.



Who Can Apply for Chevening Scholarship

To be eligible for achieving scholarships, you must
• Be a citizen of achieving enter the country or territory.
• After your award is over, you must stay in your home country for at least two years.
• Have completed all components of an undergraduate degree that enables you to gain entry into a postgraduate course at a UK university by the time you send in your application,
• Have two years of work experience equal to 2800 hours.
• Apply to three different eligible UK university courses and have an unconditional offer from at least one of them. By mid-July.


Who is Eligible For Chevening Scholarship

The exact dates are always mentioned on the website. Now let’s see who is not eligible for the Chevening Scholarship. You are not eligible for the cheapening scholarship if you
• hold a British or dual British citizenship unless you are a citizen of the British Overseas Territory or hold a BN and are applying from Hong Kong
• hold refugee status in a non-shaming eligible country. Applicants who are citizens of cheering eligible country and have more refugee status in achieving Eligible Country Are Eligible For Scholarships

Are you an employee, former employee, or relative of an employee of Her Majesty’s Government, or have been within the past two years from the opening of tuning applications? The British Council of sponsoring UK universities or staff members of the association of the Commonwealth Universities
• Employ former employees or relatives of an employee of Chevening partner organization are eligible to apply.

But if the employment took place within the last two years, they cannot receive teaming Partner Award from the organization from which they work previously worked or are affiliated with relatives who have previously studied in the UK with funding from a UK government-funded scholarship. Having a master’s degree does not prevent you from applying for the Achievement Award to study a second master’s in the UK as long as you can explain why it will help you fulfill your career plans to influence a positive change in your home country.


Timeline Stamp Of Chevening Scholarship

Now let’s look at what is the timeline of these scholarship applications usually begin in the beginning of August and go on till the beginning of November. So you get three months to apply for this call. Should but of course the earlier you apply the better. After that, the applications are sifted. According to the eligibility criteria from mid-November to December, a reading committee is set to assess all eligible applications, and the rankings and scores are then sent to the local embassies or high commissions. Once the embassies or high commissions review the applications. They send back shortlisted candidates that they want to invite for an interview. This usually happens around early to mid-February from February to April, the shortlisted candidates are given time to submit their references and their education documents before their interview February to April and interviews simultaneously take place where candidates across the world are interviewed at the British embassies and high commissions. The results are usually announced around June when the strongest candidates are selected for the award. And around the middle of July, you can check out the exact date right here is the deadline to produce at least one unconditional offer from the UK university condition offers will only be accepted if the only outstanding condition is financial. That is the payment of your deposit. Finally, you will be starting your studies in September or October whenever your host starts

applications for India for 2023 24. We’ll open a thorough list ready to close on the first of November 2022. So by the time, you guys will be seeing this post the application will have already opened up so you need to hurry.


How To Apply for Chevening Scholarship

The application process for tuning scholarships is quite simple.
Apply for the design master’s program at any UK university. You can apply to three UK universities covered under the Achievement Program
• Apply for Chevening UK scholarships through the online application system.
• Answer all the questions
• Submit the required students supporting documents in jpg png or pdf format. The document size should not exceed 5MB

Before during the interview, you have to upload the following documents to the online training application system,
• Education documents, copies of all certificates and all transcripts,
• A short biography about you to reference letters,
• And your passport or national ID will also have to bring to the interview.
As we talked about in the eligibility criteria, you need to select three different eligible master’s courses in UK universities. These can be three different programs under the same university are three similar programs at up to three different universities. The unit has like three courses so that if for some reason, you don’t get a place in the first course you still have alternate options. You need to select these three courses very carefully as you will not be able to change these after submitting your applications.
So make sure to put enough research and thought into selecting these if you do want to change the course of, however, you will need to seek trial permission, you will need to select these three courses and then apply to them directly through universities.

It is recommended that you select three similar courses at different universities to increase the likelihood of your selection. It is not necessary for all three courses to be exactly the same, but they should be similar and aligned with your future goals and career aspirations. The criteria for eligible courses are that they should
• Start in the autumn term
• Should be taught master’s and not a research focus program
• Lead to getting a master’s degree and be
• Based in the UK your
• Post Time cannot be quite a time for distance learning
• Less than 9 months more than 12 months
• Ph.D. or diesel or taught when more than one month outside of the UK.
Any course that you take up in the UK has to be taught master except for a postgraduate diploma in diplomatic studies at Oxford University.

This is the only PG diploma that you are allowed to pursue in which humans scholarships there are also some limitations as well. For example, there is a fee cap on MBA programs. So if the cost of your MBA program goes over 22,000 pounds, you will have to bear the additional costs. Also, if your university has a campus in London and you want to pursue Of course there, it will only be accepted if the main campus of the University does not have the program that you apply to. You can find which courses are eligible for the cheering scholarships On There Site


Works Experience

Chevening Scholarships require applicants to have at least two years of work experience. You must meet this criterion before submitting your application. The types of work experiences that are eligible are
• Full-time employment,
• Part-time employment,
• Voluntary work and
• Paid or unpaid internships.
You can get work experience before, during, or after you finish your undergraduate degree. However, any mandatory work experience that counted towards your undergraduate or postgraduate degrees will not be considered, you can submit up to 15 different employment fields to meet this requirement,
• You should have two years’ worth of work experience equivalent to 2800 hours.
• A working week comprises of 30 to 60 working hours, and a work year comprised of 40 to 50
Working weeks’ work experience from any field is acceptable. But if your course choices are different from your work experience, you will need to give a small explanation for the career change. You are not required to produce any documents to prove your work experience, for example, payslips or letters, or certificates, but you will be asked questions about it during your interview.



You are required to submit two reference letters for achievement scholarships. It is your responsibility to collect and upload the reference letters on the behalf of your reference. The British embassy or high commissions may contact your referees at a later stage. You can also be asked to bring the original hard copies of these reference letters

and select your referees with great care and consideration. You should have known the referee’s academy or professionally, but they shouldn’t be your close friends or relatives, but at the same time, they should be able to vouch for you. Your references need to be in the English language. And if you have a reference in another language, you need to upload a notarized translation in English along with the original copy. Make sure to put both of these in a single file.
There are some instructions that they give all its references. Make sure you select your at least in advance and give them enough time to write a reference letter. Based on these instructions. You can find the guidelines right here and we also make sure to link it down in the description box below. Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the channeling scholarship. Can I stay in the UK or apply for the graduation immigration route? Unfortunately, you cannot apply for the graduation immigration route or stay back in the UK after the completion of your course.

All children scholars are required to return back to their home country for at least two years after their post gets completed. When should I submit the references? You should supply the contact details of the referees at the time of submitting your applications. And if your application is progressed, you should upload the reference letters before your interview. What happened to the achievements of English language requirements before 2020 When applying for student scholarships, you have to meet these English requirements. I hope you found this information extremely helpful. And if you did then give us a thumbs up and share this video with your friends. Comment down below whether you would be applying to these scholarships are not and lastly, subscribe to my email list so you don’t miss out on any updates. And I’ll talk to you all again in the next Topic