8 Best All Nursing Students Scholarships

Nursing Students Scholarships
Nursing Students Scholarships
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Nursing Students Scholarships
Nursing Students Scholarships

8 Best All Nursing Students Scholarships

Did you know that around 45 million borrowers collectively own approximately $1.6 trillion in student loan debt? Do you know how much of a difference a scholarship can make in alleviating your college costs? Luckily, we have compiled a list of scholarships specific to nursing students.

The troublemaker in college is no joke. No. I’m from the website arewacamera.com. ng We focus on helping college students who don’t go to college the way most people do. We’ve been helping nursing students for years, and right now, many of them have asked us for information about scholarships they can get. Stay tuned for the whole story, because we’ll talk about scholarships for women, veterans, and people of color later.

I. General Nursing Scholarships

Let’s begin with general nursing scholarships, which have unique requirements, but are available for a broader audience.

1. American Red Cross Jane Delano Student Nursing Scholarship

And the first one we want to talk about is the American Red Cross gender lens student NURSE Scholarship. This is meant for undergraduate or graduates nursing students who were or are involved with an American Red Cross unit, you may be thinking, What do you mean by involved? Well, this means those who have worked for or offered volunteer services to an American Red Cross unit in the previous five years. If you choose to apply, you also need to have good academic standing in a US nursing program and have finished one year of college credit the application deadline is in May, and have an award amount of $3,000. Still, remember that these funds are only used for tuition, books, and academic space.

2. Coursey Enterprises Student Scholarship

Now, if you’re about to begin your first year in RN or LPN program, then you’ll definitely want to check out the course enterprises, student scholarships, they are a family-owned and operated business that grants first-time students a unique bonus of $250. Maybe it’s not as much as other scholarships offer, but it’s only because it’s super easy to apply for it. The only requirements are that you need to be a first-timer be a US citizen, and send a 200-word essay with your application, explaining why you want to become a nurse with a recent photo of yourself. And that’s all students have two opportunities to submit their application. The spring scholarship opens between September 1 and December 1, while the winter scholarship opens from February 1 until June 1.

3. The Foundation

Let’s continue with the list and see a scholarship targeted to other graduate students, the foundation of the National Student Nurses Association’s generous scholarship. As its name suggests, they are an organization that supports and promotes nursing education. Their bonus grants up to $10,000 per academic year that is sent to the recipient school and must be used to fund tuition, academic costs, and books when the year-end, unused funds are returned to them. Their general scholarship is only available to undergraduate students currently enrolled in state-approved nursing programs leading to an associate’s degree Baccalaureate diploma, direct entry master’s degree RN to BSN or MSN completion or at liberated programs. The first requirement is being of USC descent or having a US permanent resident status or registration number. Additionally, you need to be participative in our student nursing organization or community health activities and demonstrate the academic fit, and your financial needs to the deadline to apply was February 11. But the next opportunity will be available again in September.

4. Barbara Rhomberg Nursing Scholarship

If you want more nursing tips, don’t forget to hit the subscribe to my mailing list. If you have other important obligations besides nursing, then the Barbara Romberg Nursing Scholarship is for you. scholarship winners receive a nonrenewable bonus of $1,000 Payable directly to the institution they are enrolled in. For this scholarship.

A nontraditional student has at least a three-year gap between their high school graduation and their enrollment in college. If you fit this parameter, the only requirement you need is to be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate nursing program, either an associate or bachelor’s program. The application process starts on April 1, and all requests must be postmarked by April 30. Then scholarship awards will be announced on May 10.

II Scholarship For Women

Nursing Students Scholarships
Nursing Students Scholarships

1. Steven Bufton Memorial educational fun

Now are your female students currently pursuing your nursing degree?
If so, you will want to pay attention to this one. The Steven Bufton Memorial Educational Fund or legacy scholarship. This Nursing Scholarship is open to women in their first or second In year of a nursing program, there are five different scholarships in total, and they range between two and $5,000. While one scholarship may have more requirements than the other, to apply for them, you need to be a female have US citizenship, be enrolled in a licensed accredited or state-approved institution, and meet their minimum GPA of 3.0. You will find their deadline how much each is worth and how many remaining spots they have on their website.

III. Scholarship for veterans

Army nurse corps Scholarship

Now we have a scholarship dedicated to veterans. If you are serving or have served in the US Army, or you have a spouse or parents or children who did then you want to apply for the Army Nurse Corps Association scholarship is meant for nursing students in an accredited baccalaureate, Advanced Nursing or nurse anesthesia program who have experienced serving for any branch of the US Army, you will need to be a US citizen have received an honorable discharge and not be currently receiving financial assistance from the US Army. It’s a one-time payments scholarship and this year’s award is worth $3,000. If you’re interested in submitting your application, you have time until September 31.

III.Scholarship For Minorities

8 Best All Nursing Students Scholarships
8 Best All Nursing Students Scholarships

1. The American Indian Nurse Scholarship

Let’s end this list by talking about two scholarships that helped minorities if you are an American Indian student, then keep an eye out for the American Indian NURSE Scholarship Program. This one is meant for American Indian students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate nursing degree in an accredited program. Let’s cover the criteria you must meet. To qualify you to have to be at least a quarter American Indian. Also, you have to be holistic in your tribe, or instead be able to prove your direct tribal ancestry. It would help if you had good academic standing.

2. Indian health scholarship

If you are a bachelor’s student be in a four-year program. And if you are an Associate Student be in a two-year program. You also need to demonstrate your financial needs and have the objective of pursuing your career to help Native American people and not be a recipient of an Indian health service scholarship. The NAC VA scholarship our $1,500 per semester, you have time to submit your application for the fall until October 1 And for the spring semester by December 1. And for the final entry on this list.

3. The National Black Nurses Association Nursing Scholarship

The National Black Nurses Association Nursing Scholarship

NBNA is an organization that provides scholarships to both undergraduate and graduate students in an Accredited School of Nursing. All applicants must be members of the NBNA whose subscription fees start as low as $35 per year to join. Each year they offer various scholarships, which range from one to $15,000. And to apply for them you will need to as we already said by a member of NBNA have a good academic standing, be enrolled in a nursing program, and have at least one full year of school remaining. Plus will your application you will have to submit a two-page essay your letters of recommendation or a recent photo of yours. Proof of your participation in nursing activities that can support your eligibility you have time to send your application until September 15th and scholarship winners will be notified by November 1.


We understand how hard it is to financially manage to go to college. But be aware that there are many scholarships that you can take advantage of with a post flag. That scholarship is one of the eight we have just talked about. But if not, don’t give up the search. There is one scholarship out there for you. If you liked this Topic, hit the subscribe to my email list to be the first one to know when we post new content. If you want to learn why nursing school accreditation mother or what check out my other Topics See you next time.